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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A brother and a Life..

Well, this is supposed to be my first blog, which is meant to bring out all the feelings out of my heart. So, I'd like to start this one with someone very very near to me yet not as near to feel.

Meowth, to start with; he was the being most near to me, one most attached to me, and the thing that mattered me was not only he being important to me but me being of same importance to him. Billu, as my dad called him was golden in colour, striped all over. His hands and feet were absolutely milky white depicting as he was wearing gloves over them. He was indeed beautiful; no words in my mind could ever define his beauty and gratitude to the Almighty for gifting him to me.

16th August 2003, I was sitting on my table doing my homework for my classes which i had to attend at 7 P.M.. It was Saturday, mom had come back home early from her bank as Saturdays are meant to be half working days. It was about 5 in the evening, when my younger sister shouted, "Bhaiya, see Meowth!". I and she were on a "Pokemon" cartoon addiction those days, and a character named Meowth used to be there; so it was instant for her to name him Meowth.

Mom told us that he was given birth in a Cupboard at her workplace; his mother took all his siblings away but he was left there alone. As i mentioned before that it was a Saturday and a half working day, the banks had to be shut down early that day. It was followed by a Sunday which was again meant to be a holiday. Mom thought a bit philanthropically: What if two days his mother wouldn't come here to take him this small being of one day would die to hunger. So, she brought him home.

"Meow, Meow, Meow!", this was something we had to hear all evening that day. I missed doing my homework for him. We kept him in a bird cage we used to keep a parrot, but this being did not stop chirping. Though it seemed to be cute sometimes, it even started getting on to our head and we got irritated. I asked my teacher that day,"Sir, how should i feed him, of course it has to be milk for he is just one-day old, but how do i make things easy ?". He suggested me to use a dropper for feeding him.

I went home at about 8 P.M.. We usually had a notion that such small animals couldn't survive unless they are treated under certain satisfactory conditions. So, first question when i went home and asked mom was,"Is he still alive?", and fortunately a positive reply came back."Where is he?" was my second questi
on. He had been kept in my room, and it was a start of a really great relationship. I said to my mother what had come to my knowledge by my teacher and also i brought a dropper from a Chemistry kit i used to own in those days for pass time. First milk, First feed to Meowth was again by me, which was another step of trust for that little being on me.

Those little little arms, those little little eyes, legs, a beautiful tail: it was enough for me to fall in love with him. I finally had someone whom i had been waiting for since quite a long time; "A Brother and a life"