Time flies and so do memories but the pen captures it all......

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ich bin ein Brother!

I am a Brother-says the German title of this blog;

But, I really need to think if I really am! In my first post, I said that this blog is meant out to bring out all the feelings from my heart. So here it goes....

Life has given me two of the best gifts it could have given me-My two soul-sisters. Please don't mind if I don't mention their name because I'm just a bit too more than possessive about them and who would declare their possession in public.

As I said, they were life's lagniappe to me, and, maybe I took them for granted. That's where I really had to ask myself, "Am I really a brother?"

But I know, my conscience is evident, I was strong on holding them to myself else all of it would have gone in a blur. When you meet new people, it is obvious for the older ones to be left out as the new ones might always sound more tintinnabulating and interest you. Even I was caught in this trap and maybe was about to get rid of some old deeds and old needs of mine and sometimes of my own greeds I would have left my sisters as well! My sisters which are a great pride for me today would've been just a vestige in my life.

Daily would I give up and tell myself, "Enough! Leave it now, they don't care about you." But myself wouldn't hear, he was implacable! He said, "You don't yet know them, they're the best friends I've had, whatever they do, they'll always be there when I need them." The freak inside would tell me,"All is crap! You'll see the effect of your stubbornness soon." I replied, "Soon is going to come not very soon."

My sisters are my world and the world is evident, the mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn into a tiger when her sibling is in trouble. All these things made me a sycophant and I started grueling for ego. Another place where I asked myself, "Am I really a brother?"

Sometimes it feels better to be a brother than to be a super-hero, I don't wish to be a super-hero but I do wish to try and be the best brother in the world and this wish, this feeling, makes me say to myself,

"Ich bin ein Brother."