Time flies and so do memories but the pen captures it all......

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It was a Re-Birth

Do you believe in re-births? You might not but I do. Being a sensitive person at heart, "friends" doing so much on my 19th birthday is surely to knock me down. Everyone knows I'm a loner and my loneliness has been cut down very very recently and I thank god for that. But like all other birthdays, I hoped to spend this one alone considering the fact that I'm no more between my family. All was going well as expected. I got "myself" a couple of pastries and was celebrating with "myself" as my sister called up. Talking, talking, pastry eating. Suddenly, DHAP happens and door opens. Entered the last people I expected on this earth to turn up. Abhinandan, Vedansh, Arpan,, Ahmar, Kunal and Divesh.

Abhi left me a tweet mention at about 2300 hours saying he might not survive till midnight. Vedansh and I were in a spat and weren't even on talking terms. Kunal and Divesh must surely have had other priorities and Arpan and Ahmar mustn't have known my birthday at all. But Bazinga! They came. I was taken aback! And as I cut the various cakes they brought, I couldn't stop smiling. Some of the best things were happening in my life. And they were just happening, I wasn't making them happen. A couple of calls at the night and I couldn't hold myself. It does happen every year. It's just one day but people make you feel so special but then it's just one day, isn't it? I removed my birthday from my facebook just to see how many people would remember or rather care to know when my birthday is. Many people came up with unexpected results, both good and bad.

The day came, morning. College! People had actually got me gifts, memorabilia. A ball and a greeting card from Nitasha, a Pineapple from Avani (this one's got a story) and a lovely Tee from Hita. I couldn't help but smiling all day. I called for a treat at. as always anticipated, CadB. 18 of the handpicked people I've met at SIMC. All of them who have stood by me at some point in a dismay. Caused a complete ballyhoo there, I was just loving it. Another thing that came up unexpectedly was a mug. I had imagined one for Abhi's birthday but he was a step ahead and I was born 4 months ahead of him so can't blame anyone. A mug with a picture of mines and a text on it. All ended at CadB on a wonderful note.

Next I had another great dinner lined up with three of the best people I currently have with me. With all the three loving me. Three people defying mathematics to sum up 1+1=3. That turned out to be the best dinner of my life till date. A day full of unexpected realities.

I could just sing myself the Green Day song:

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

No wonder it was the official entry to the last year of my teenage and hence called for a huge celebration which was there but more than that, it was a step away from a being I know and a step forward towards a person I don't know.

Any doubts? Was it anything but a rebirth?