Time flies and so do memories but the pen captures it all......

Sunday, August 22, 2010



That's all what photography means to amateur photographers. I observe three types of photographers in my perspective. See and shoot types, see observe and shoot types and how much will it for be and shoot types. I don't know the difference because I'm not a photographer, I'm an observer. I like seeing photographs. But what is a photograph actually? Just a medium of explaining someone a real situation virtually? Or anything else?

I was seeing a friend's album today. When I see this friend for real, I perceive different things about her and when I saw her pics, I perceived altogether a different world of hers. To be honest her photographs revealed more than anything about her lifestyle and nature more than I could derive when standing with her.

A photograph does wonders sometimes. It speaks truth. Whenever I stare into the lens the true me comes out. I can fake myself when in front of you but I can't do it while looking into the camera. Looking in the lens is like looking in someone's eyes, noone can fool while looking directly into someone's eyes. Yes, some people can. Those who can with ease and versatility are those to whom the Oscar goes to.

Why do I talk about photography? Only because I have joined a Media School? But I'm far away from photography and visual communication. I didn't ever care to wonder how people get the sense to convert a photograph into the valuable green paper! As a layman I feel lack of aesthetics in an pocket filling photograph. But that's again my perception, no hard feelings to any photographers. Despite that perception I think a good photographer is the one who carries his camera to anywhere and everywhere possible because things happen in a spur of a moment and such moments are meant to be captured for people like me to enjoy.

Last type of photographers I've come across are the ones I'm most intrigued with:

I'm your biggest fan,
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