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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Culturally Booked!

I'm a Punjabi but born and brought up in Gujarat. So, what's my culture? Which one do I belong to? I have an assignment where in I need to get atleast five artefacts of any of these cultures. May it be the culture of Gujarat or Punjab but that is one thing the world wide web doesn't care about. Or rather should I follow Mohan Sinha's words and go behind the story? Frankly, I'm not vella enough to do that.

There must be half a dozen Punjabis in my class who obviously chose to dig the Punjabi culture. Out of the 1 million artefacts that the Punjabi culture could be boasting about the half a dozen Punjabis have probably gone for number of the artefacts which is half their strength. Thence, I chose to go for Gujarati artefacts. One more reason to it is; one of my teachers advised me before I came here to think and do everything what no one else's doing. Experiment new things, don't follow others. But I assume there are some 3-4 Gujjus in my class plus a 3-4 Non-Gujjus who'd like to do a Gujju, so that again brings it to half a dozen Gujju assignments but then there are other reasons as well as to why I chose to go for my birth-place instead of my native-place.

One of the most important being this: My teacher tells me, poke your parents, grandparents, etc. I do but couldn't find anything. Gujarati culture is so not-intriguing anyone that people residing since more than 60 years are unable to have proper recognition. This arouses my curious-self! Damnit, I want to do this one now. I go upto the next best thing. My Gujju friends and hark! Now I am into something, names of artefacts galore but still the world wide web isn't interested. That puts me into a dilemma. I again go think about Punjabi culture

My family members certainly give me a bundle full of information about Punjabi culture and artefacts. This, that, blah blah! There's just too much for a guy like me who suffers indecisiveness syndrome. But then, it's very easy to go for the Punjabi culture. I can do it and throw it aside.

So, what to choose? Birth-Place or Native-Place? The suspense still stays. Wait upto monday to know!

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