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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eye of the Tiger-Sai Drishti

The name is Sai Drishti but the eyesight is of someone with a tiger's eyes. Well, those who live at Sai Drishti and have lived here must be quite aware with this personality. But, nevertheless, let me not start with talking about Mishraji.

Aamir Khan in one of his advertisements said, "Doosron ki galati se kya seekhna(what to learn from others experiences), make your own mistakes." That's what everyone staying here at Sai Drishti is doing and we've made our mistakes i.e. paid that lumpsome amount which was heralded as the cheapest in the locality by college officials. *Ahem*
Any senior/super senior if ask us about our dwelling and we reply "Sai Drishti", the reply we get is an evil smirk. These smirks aren't only from the people who have experienced this plight but also the people who've experienced the dwellers experience this plight.

The biggest problem at Sai Drishti is absence of two things: Water and Security.

Water-wow, one of my classmates recently stated, "Dude, no internet is okay! But no water is pathetic!" The time exactly when there is absence of water is when everyone's bums are covered with crap or bodies covered with soap.

Security-this is arguably the worst part of Sai Drishti. I mean, actually, where is Sai ki Drishti? From money to irons to hot-plates to phone-chargers to the latest (hold your breathe) "CUPBOARDS", things are being flicked off like they're being shop-lifted. Who does it? You? No? I just wonder what does the tiger does all day in the den when all his prey is being mauled by Mr. Anupam Siddhartha and his counterparts.

Okay! That was the empty part of the glass. Now let me tell you about the half full part. This is my first time I've stayed out of home on a long term basis all by myself. I couldn't have survived for sure without the people who've been here to support me.

Kunal and Divesh: The first two people I met here at Sai Drishti. As stated before problem with our batch is that many people are from DELL-EE. But both these guys have carried on their city's legacy and kept it the Dil waalon ki Dilli. Always there when you need them. Any hour of the day. Any place in the world. Kunal is one smart PR guy, so I need to beware of him. Jokes apart, he's a sweetheart. Divesh is one pragmatic guy but still a kiddo. One thing I don't like about these guys is the time spent with me. Very less as compared to what we initially used to. But then it's natural, you go out, meet new people and the old ones slowly fizz out. So cheers to you guys.

Bala: My roomie. He's what we call a big guy. I don't know much about him because he hardly stays in the room. Thanks to him for that, I enjoy my private space. I still wonder why do B.B.A. guys have so much fun. He is the guy who lives on the principle of "Live and Let Live", which many of us fail to adhere to. Chilled out guy.

Abhinandan: Last but not the least, imitator, friend and the cool dude. He'll imitate everyone possible and do it with versatility. I came to college and had some hormonal changes. I would have been in deep trouble if I'd have let my mind wander around chicks. This Kommander guided me and asked me to stay away from such violent and freaky creatures. And I owe him big time for that. Keeps preaching his ideologies every now and then and manages to take everyone's attention with his funny bone. According to my research and observations he's the 2nd most dangerous silent assassin after Chatur. Nevertheless, I can term him my best friend around here in Pune. Thanks for the fun dude.

Infact, thanks to all you guys for anything and everything we've managed at Sai Drishti. We may move around somewhere else next year but still I hope we maintain the same bondage we've had in this competitive world.

Cheers to All!


minal said...

hey i jus luved wat i read :)

Neha said...

ur writing pattern is really gud...keep on ur gud work..:)